What is a crown?

  • To fit a crown, the tooth is reduced and covered by a custom-made restoration
  • It can be all-ceramic and thus metal-free
  • It must be done immediately if the pulp and nerves have been exposed


How is an all-ceramic crown different from conventional crowns?

  • It is a metal-free crown
  • No dark metal rim is seen in the gum
  • It appears like your normal teeth, without having the opaque (milky) colour of the conventional crowns


When is it a good choice?

  • Extensive tooth decay
  • Large tooth fracture
  • Severe tooth stains
  • Closing of a small “gap” between front teeth
  • Smile make-over



  • Beautiful aesthetic results
  • Best for extensive discolouration



  • Loss of natural structure of the tooth, therefor not recommended for stained, but otherwise healthy teeth.
  • Sometimes requires considerable reduction of the teeth resulting in pulp death which would require root canal therapy
  • Higher cost
  • More office visits needed
  • May decay when there is loss of cement
  • Fracturing is possible
  • Oversized crowns may be more harmful