Dental Implants

Implants surely is one of the seven dental wonders! Dentists today are privileged to be able to give their patients the option of dental implants.


Implants are made from titanium. Titanium has unique properties making it possible for bone to grow into it. This process is referred to as “Osseointegration”. Hereby the implant functions as your own tooth‘s root.

The process of placing implants usually takes about 3 months. In certain cases, such as trauma or tooth extraction, the implant could be placed immediately. After the implant has settled, a porcelain crown can be placed. Your tooth will look and function as good as new…



  • Implants are used as a replacement for lost teeth, as a alternative to a bridge or when a bridge is not possible.
  • This technology can be utilised for stabilizing loose fitting dentures. In these cases 2 to 6 implants will be placed.


Phases of implant therapy:

  • Pre-surgical: A specific implant examination is imperative to do, when a patient considers the option of implants. This includes a thorough examination, taking x-rays of the teeth, jaw and head. Sometimes a CAT scan is mandated to be able to plan the implant placement more accurately. Impressions of the teeth will be taken to obtain study models.
  • Too little bone? If a patient appears to have insufficient bone left, a bone augmentation will have to be done before the implant can be placed.
  • Phase 1: Placing of the implant in the jaw bone with surgical techniques.
  • Phase 2: After 3 months an abutment is placed on the implant, under local aneasthetic.
  • Phase 3: Can follow immediately. A crown is secured on the implant.
  • Yearly follow-up in the oral hygiene program wil safe gaurd your implant.