Dental Consultation

The main reason for regular visits to the dentist, is early detection of minor problems and fixing them before they become big problems…
A small area of decay can be invisible to the naked eye and, in the early stages, be even unnoticeable on an x-ray. These lesions may be active and get bigger. Therefore regular appointments, with x-ray check-ups, are required.

Preventative treatments, like cleaning and fluoride application by an oral hygienist, should also be done on a regular basis.

The new patient experience:
The TOTAL evaluation of a patient’s oral health necessitates taking a detailed medical history and doing a careful and thorough clinical examination.

Dr Beukes will spend time to take a history. Any allergies you may have, medications you are taking, systemic conditions and previous surgery are important to disclose, as it may cause interactions with certain dental materials, drugs and procedures. Please download a health questionnaire to be filled out before your first visit.

The clinical examination will cover the following:
Jaw and tempero-mandibular joint – The upper and lower jaw bones, muscles, as well as the two TM joints are inspected.
Soft tissue – The tongue, palate and lining tissues inside the mouth are examined for abnormality or disease.
Teeth – The dentist inspects the visible surfaces for decay, broken teeth, restorations (filling) and excessive teeth ware.
Gums – The dentist probes the space between the teeth and the gum (gingival sulcus).
X-rays – These assist the dentist to see inside a tooth, under fillings, between teeth and the teeth’s roots.
Bite (occlusion) – Class 1, 2 or 3 types of occlusion is noted, as well as any discrepancies.
Hygiene – The dentist measures the amount of plaque and calculus on the teeth, as well as subsequent bleeding.

Please note: Appointments are scheduled for each patient and should be cancelled 24 hours in advance. This will enable us to accommodate another patient instead.

Treatment Plan:
The clinical examination enables the dentist to identify pathology. The proposed treatment options will be discussed, as there may be a number of possibilities. A treatment plan is agreed upon with the patient.

The Objective:
Our main objective is the restoration of oral health. If the state of the dentition has been neglected, this process may take time. Through the dedication of our team however, this goal will be achieved. Once the treatment has been completed, the responsibility rests on the patient to maintain good oral health. Yearly follow-up will ensure that the investment in your smile will be lasting. It is important to be conscious of changes occurring in teeth and act swiftly to prevent serious damage.

Money matters:
Please note that this practice operates independent of medical schemes. The patient is responsible for settling the account and to claim directly from his/her medical insurer. By prior arrangement the account can be electronically submitted to the medical aid, which then has to be settled in 60 days. Note that 12% discount is given on an immediate settlement.
All medical schemes differ in regards to their benefits, which can range from limited dental benefits to none whatsoever. The patient is encouraged to personally confirm his/her dental benefits with the insurer/scheme.
If dental costs seem high, it must be remembered that every piece of equipment, medication and materials have to be imported from Germany, the USA and England. No inferior products are tolerated! No scientifically unproven or questionable medicine and materials are used!